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About ICS Corporate


Providing professional Dispute Resolution

ICS is a specialist consultancy who can help with HMRC settlements of tax, interest and penalty disputes where HMRC believes a taxpayer has under-declared tax payable in previous tax years. this includes the controversial Loan Charge 2019.

‘Reasonable Care’ can be demonstrated by reference to proof of intentions and the nature of professional advice taken and acted upon at the time. The production of documentary and other evidence must be honest and transparent and any questions raised by HMRC in relation to this evidence responded to truthfully but with great care.

This is what we do at ICS

End uncertainty.

Peace of mind that your tax affairs are back in order and your business and family are secure, without the threat of sudden and potentially catastrophic tax liabilities.

Minimise penalties.

we will work to demonstrate that you acted reasonably in arranging your tax affairs, thereby endeavouring to minimise any penalties that HMRC may wish to impose.

Time to pay.

We can help with HMRC enquiries and usually negotiate a payment plan in many cases so that you are not faced with the need to find a substantial lump sum for any HMRC settlements of tax, interest and penalties due.

Specialist guidance.

Benefit from our knowledge of HMRC processes and practices and the experience of our partnered tax professionals, solicitors and barristers across a range of tax scenarios.

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